We’re ending our first season of the podcast with an explanation on a shift in focus. As you know there’s been a break in the show, and I explained why that happened (life, college, disability, burnout, finding focus, etc.), but also, I realized that to be true to my authentic self I needed to pivot.

So many people are talking about neurodivergent wellness and they’re doing so from a standpoint of how to make us fit in or at least deal with a neurotypical world. That’s not wellness; that’s masking. Very few people are talking about how to connect with yourself in an authentic way, find that connection with others, the universe, and the world around us. Or, to quote something I asked a friend, “If so many people are selling us ways to be more productive and more neurotypical, who is helping us to nurture our spirituality?”

True autistic/neurodivergent/mad/disability liberation means seeing us as complete humans just as we are, able to have spiritual lives, find connection in ways we deem meaningful, and accept that. As it is. No masking, no tools, no planners, no checklists required.

I hope you’ll stay with me on the journey. As always, I encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our blog. And I encourage you to check out the new Chicken Yogi site. I can’t wait for season 2 of the podcast to begin, because I have some amazing things to share with you.