Be A Guest On Our Podcast

The Chicken Yogi Show welcomes guests to be interviewed on a variety of topics, and we’ll also be hosting roundtable discussions to share on our podcast and with our community.

Are you interested in talking about any of the following?

  • neurodivergence (including how it affects your wellness, your work-life balance, meditation, mental health, and/or yoga practices)
  • How spirituality manifests itself in your life
  • Cultivating your own unique, personally designed spiritual path
  • yoga from the perspective of marginalized communities, decolonization, and anti-captialist standpoints
  • meditation and mindfulness from those same perspectives
  • psychology and how it fails neurodivergent individuals because we’re not “disordered” and/or the racist, ableist history of psychology
  • How the health industrial complex is designed to cater to a sociocultural norm that doesn’t include neurodivergent/disabled/non-cis-white bodies
  • How you found success and joy as a neurodivergent and/or chronically ill individual (especially looking for LGBTQIA2s+ and non-cisgendered voices here)

Have another topic you think I might be interested in? I’d love to hear from you!

    The Chicken Yogi Show will not host individuals who espouse “cures” for chronic illness, health and wellness advice beyond their training and knowledge, or those who engage in toxic positivity within the realm of mindset work.

    We take our listeners, and our show, very seriously and strive to be trauma-informed. Safety and Connection are the two cornerstones of the Chicken Yogi Way, and our guests must keep that in mind. Thank you for understanding.