Today’s episode brings together a conversation about tea ceremonies, meditation, Buddhist philosophy, yoga, and the love of autistic special interests in a discussion that hopefully changes the way you think about meditation and perhaps, even tea.

I’m pleased to be joined by Dani, the Punk Rock Autistic for a lively interview and a demonstration of a tea ceremony. If you’re listening to the audio, I encourage you to check out the video so you can watch.

About my guest:

The Punk Rock Autistic is a Neurodiversity self-advocate, writer, and educator, who works towards changing the perspective on what it means to be autistic, queer, and disabled by promoting understanding and acceptance through direct first-hand experience.

More about them:
My names Dani, and I am a queer, autistic self-advocate who believes that the autistic experience should be celebrated. My career background is in social work, disability direct support and care, education, and case management. I am a graduate of the University of Maryland where I received a Bachelor of Science in both Psychology and Sociology. I spend a lot of my time reading, playing music, being absorbed in the world of role-playing games, and hanging with my two cats.

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If you’re interested in the tea I mention at the end, you can find it here.