Welcome to our first episode after our holiday vacation. This time of year people think about adding exercise as a resolution, and while that’s not a bad resolution for many of us exercise sounds a lot like PE class. There’s a lot of trauma there to unpack, especially if you were one of those picked last for teams, not very athletic, or simply hated gym class. You’re not alone. For many of us who are neurodivergent or who live with chronic illness, we can think back to gym class as a not-so-fun time. Which means when people tell us we should add more exercise to our routine, well not only could that cause us harm if we’re chronically ill, but also, it brings back a bunch of bad memories. Who wants that?

In this episode, I invite you to decouple exercise and physical movement from gym class. Instead of thinking in terms of musts or haves, think about what you want to do. Most of my exercise is found on the homestead, working with my horses, walking to get the mail, being in the garden or doing farm chores. To me it’s not work or exercise–it’s joy! And I want your experience with more physical movement to be like that too.

So sit back, listen, and think about how you can change your perspective on movement and free range your way to something that works for you and with you.

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